The Most Popular Indian Dish in the West

The Most Popular Indian Dish in the West

When most Westerners think of Indian food, the first image that comes to mind is usually of a fragrant bowl of tikka masala. It’s safe to say-chicken tikka masala is arguably the most popular Indian food in the West. The succulent charred chicken combined with the spiced creamy tomato sauce makes for a delicious symphony of flavors and aromas. But why has it become so popular?

For starters, the combination of spices and ingredients used to make chicken tikka masala is unique. The combination of ginger, garam masala, cumin, coriander, and other warm spices give this dish an unmistakable flavor that appeals to many palates. It’s also an incredibly versatile dish as it can be tailored to suit individual tastes: spicy, creamy, or tangy.

When you order chicken tikka masala from The Curry, you’re guaranteeing an extravagant dinner for the whole family. You’ll feel like royalty when you’re presented with rows of golden tableware containing aromatic royal cuisine. At The Curry, we’re making delicious Indian food available to our treasured residents of Huntsville, Alabama.

It’s easy to see why chicken tikka masala has become the most popular Indian food in the West: it tastes delicious, and it’s incredibly versatile. It’s no wonder this delectable dish continues to be a favorite amongst food connoisseurs all over the world! Getting hungry? Order our specialty dish of chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight! 

Tikka Masala is a Food of Celebration

Even though tikka masala is popular in the West, in India, it’s actually quite rarely eaten. In fact, many Indians consider chicken tikka masala to be a Western invention! Most Indians eat more traditional cuisine, like dal with roti, almost every day. Additionally, due to the high population of vegetarians in India, dishes without meat are more commonplace. Many Indians are vegetarian due to various religious and cultural practices and regard meat as a delicacy. For example, within Hinduism, cows are seen as sacred beings, and eating them is widely known as a taboo.

In India, chicken tikka masala is a dish that is commonly eaten on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and festivals. This is because the ingredients and dishes used in this dish are more expensive and luxurious. Thus, you’ll find that this dish is often served as a main course at most traditional Indian celebrations.

At The Curry, we bring the extravagance of chicken tikka masala to your table. Just allow our culinary experts to prepare your meal, then sit back and experience royalty. We guarantee your taste buds will be delighted, and you’ll be back for more!

How we make our tikka masala

At The Curry, we understand the importance of perfecting a dish to make it truly authentic. Our chefs take the utmost care when crafting our chicken tikka masala.

First, we marinate the chicken in a special mixture of yoghurt and spices. This tenderizes and flavors the meat. Then, we char-grill it over a high flame to give the chicken its signature smoky flavor. Next, our chefs begin preparing the sauce by frying garam masala and other spices in oil to release their aromas before adding crushed tomatoes, cream, and even more spices for an unmistakably tantalizing flavor. Finally, the chicken and sauce are combined to create an unmistakable dish.

At The Curry, we take pride in our culinary skills and ensure that you get nothing but the best Indian food in Huntsville, Alabama! We’re proud to be introducing Indian cuisine to the South! We invite you to dine with us in our comfortable dining environment! Or if you’re looking to stay in and eat, you can order online or over the phone: 256-517-8017, and have the hot cuisine delivered directly to your castle! We look forward to cooking for you. 

The Controversial History of Chicken Masala

While the origin of chicken tikka masala is unknown, there are two stories that often come up in conversation. The first story suggests that it was created by an Indian chef—either in Glasgow or London—in the 1960s. The second tale states that this dish was invented by Bangladeshi immigrants who came to Britain during the post-war period.

Whichever story is true, it’s a fact that chicken tikka masala has become one of the most popular dishes in the UK and beyond. In fact, some say it could be the national dish of Britain! Here at The Curry, we’re not so concerned with who invented it. We’re just proud to be bringing this delicious dish to your table.

You can come to visit us at The Curry restaurant today to experience the famous chicken tikka masala!

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala

Butter chicken is a similar dish to chicken tikka masala that many consider to be the same dish. However, these are surely two different foods.

Chicken tikka masala is usually made with a tomato-based sauce and consists of grilled and charred chicken that has been marinated in spices. Butter chicken is less heavy on tomatoes but instead relies on cream and butter to give it its creamy, rich flavor. It also uses larger pieces of chicken that are cooked in the gravy rather than being marinated and grilled first.

Despite their differences, both dishes are delicious! If you’re one who prefers creamy and richer dishes as opposed to more bold and fragrant dishes, you may prefer the creamy, buttery goodness that is butter chicken. If you’re looking for something with a bit more tomato-based spice, then you may prefer our tikka masala. Personally, our favorite one alternates depending on our palate that day!

At The Curry, we offer chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, and so many more exciting dishes so that each member of your party can enjoy their favorite dish. Come visit us today and treat yourself to the best Indian cuisine in Huntsville, Alabama! We can’t wait to cook for you.

The Man Who Invented Tikka Masala

Though the origin of chicken tikka masala is still unknown, many believe that Ali Ahmed Aslam, a famous Indian chef from a small village near Lahore, Punjab invented this famous dish.

Aslam, was an Indian immigrant who arrived in Glasgow in the 1950s as a teenager. His father, who was also a chef, opened his own restaurant in 1959 called The Green Gates. This restaurant is widely known as the first true Indian restaurant in Glasgow. In 1964 Aslam started his own restaurant in Glasgow’s west end. It was here that he created the famous dish. One day when a customer complained their food was too dry, Aslam created his own dish by combining chicken tikka (grilled cubes of marinated chicken) with a creamy tomato-based sauce. Little did he know that this dish would become famous around the world!

Ali Ahmed Aslam sadly passed away on December 19th, 2022, at the grand age of 77. Even though he has passed, his legacy still lives on through the world-famous chicken tikka masala that he has brought to the world.

The Curry proudly serves authentic chicken tikka masala inspired by Ali Ahmed Aslam’s original recipe. Experience this classic dish and more when you come to The Curry for the best Indian food in Huntsville, Alabama!

Residents Love Our Tikka Masala

Since we opened, we’ve been receiving glowing reviews about our tikka masala. Just listen to some of the things our satisfied customers have been saying:

  • “We ordered the chicken tikka masala and classic butter chicken. Everything had a lot of flavor and we really enjoyed the food.”
  • “The lamb biryani was excellent. So was the chicken Tikka massala. I showed photos of the food to friends in India and Sri Lanka. They said we got the real deal.”
  • “…I love to order a tikka masala to eat at home.”

Let Us Spice Up Your Life

The Curry is just a visit away. Get ready for a unique culinary experience at The Curry! We look forward to serving you authentic and delicious Indian cuisine. Contact us with any questions you may have or visit our site for online ordering. See you soon! 

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